Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are back with a new single, “Do It!” with Azteck and Kim Loaiza

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are back with a new single, “Do It!”, a fun and groovy track that has a decidedly 2010 feel to it, as well as a bilingual flair. The reigning #1 DJs in the world have been staying busy in 2020. “Do It!” is their eighth single this year, they also announced a new music, gaming and lifestyle agency last month on top of doing frequent live streams. “Do It!” is the perfect addition to their discography. It’s also a great track for streaming or listening to in your car, as it holds back some from their normal festival-oriented style.

DVLM enlisted UK-based producer Azteck and Mexican singer and influencer, Kim Loaiza, for the track. The track opens with a distorted kick drum and Kim Loaiza singing in English and Spanish. During the second verse, we get some cymbals and hand claps, the synths give it a slower, more hypnotic feel. Almost like some 2010’s era hip-hop. The drop is so much fun, they melody is the same, but the percussion gives it a bounce that will make you want to get up and dance. Check out the latest from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Kim Loaiza and Azteck, “Do It!” out now on Smash the House. It’s already got over 10 million streams and is #1 on Tik-Tok in Latin America. Re-live a little snippet of their TomorrowLand Around the World live stream too.