Dillon Francis x Alison Wonderland – Lost My Mind (WILDLYF Remix) [Free Download]

Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland dropped their collab “Lost My Mind” a month ago, and also just wrapped up their co-headlining tour. Yet, keeping the track alive with a new remix is none other than WILDLYF, who brings a new spin to the tune. The original “Lost My Mind” was already a dirty, textured midtempo tune. WILDLYF keeps a lot of that same vibe but also introduces a bit of a feint just ahead of the drop. It sounds like it’s about to go minimal trap and then just descends into his characteristic pure chaos. It’s a brilliant rendition of the track, keeping the soul intact and working on the outward appearance, so to speak. It’s as if WILDLYF possessed the original and turned it into his own puppet. Check out WILFLYF’s remix of “Lost My Mind” below, and download for free if you dig it. It’s even Dillon Francis approved.

— Dillon Francis (@DillonFrancis) February 27, 2019