Dillon Francis’ ‘This Mixtape is Fire’ Still Bangs 5 Years Later

It’s already been five years since Dillon Francis blessed us with This Mixtape is Fire — and it still bangs! The 7-track release casually brought together some of the biggest names in dance music. Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Kygo, Chromeo, Bro Safari, Party Favor — and, oh yes, the master of Moombahton himself, Dillon Francis. With the dance music industry as fast paced as it is, a mixtape with this kind of staying power is quite the accomplishment. Tracks like “Bun Up the Dance” and “Coming Over” featuring James Hersey are still making waves a half a decade later.

Time flies when you’re having fun and Dillon is a prime example. Just listen.

Dillon Francis – This Mixtape is Fire