Dillon Francis Teams Up With Malibu Rum For Remix Of 10-Year-Old Coconut Meme Song

It’s 2020, literally nothing could phase me anymore, and yet this… somehow this is just… What. Malibu Rum has teamed up with Dillon Francis for #TheCoconutChallenge, which is basically you dancing to his new remix of “The Coconut Nut” for a chance to be featured in his music video.

— Malibu Rum (@MalibuRum) August 5, 2020

But if you’re not familiar with “The Coconut Nut,” we wouldn’t blame you. It’s not one of Dillon’s songs, and the song that comes up for it on Spotify is from 2018 and only an instrumental. As it turns out, it’s born from a 2010 meme video called “The Coconut Song – (Da Coconut Nut)” that currently has over 100 million views.

“The song has been around for a long, long time and has had lots of plays and downloads, so we thought it was a good fit with Malibu Rum and our coconut spirit,” said Troy Gorczyca, Malibu’s Brand Director. “It’s a great way to bring the brand to life and make the song more contemporary and inspire our target audience to dance and have fun and enjoy the summer fun in a situation that’s a little bit different than normal.”

Why remix this song? It’s 2020, I suppose, why nut?

The remix itself is perfect for summer vibes by the pool with a rum punch in a coconut with a twisty straw. It’s trappy and bouncy, Dillon’s wheelhouse, and its origin perfect fits his sort of eccentric vibe. It’s hard to tell what’s better, honestly: the remix, or the story behind it. Regardless, you can participate in #TheCoconutChallenge and listen below.

Photo via Rukes.com