Dillon Francis Latest Remix Dua Lipa’s “We’re Good”

Dillon Francis takes Dua Lipa‘s “We’re Good” for a spin in his latest remix, transforming the pop breakup ballad into a fierce house banger. Dua’s voice serves as the muse, while Dillon counters her powerhouse performance with uplifting piano strikes and deep, rhythmic elements. He builds up the production layer by layer, before dropping the remix track into an unexpectedly gritty arrangement. Dua’s voice completely washes into the atmosphere out before coming back for another round.

While he’s well known for his transformative remixes, much of Dillon’s recent work has been collab-focused, including his 2021 single with Drove, “Places.” In 2020, Dillon teamed up with BabyJake and Evie Irie. Before that, he popped off in 2019 with Alison Wonderland, TV Noise, Eptic and more. In addition, he just revealed a collab with Illenium in the works. This is the first time we’ve heard Dillon Francis and Dua Lipa together on the same track, and now our ears are begging for an official collaboration from the two. Listen here!

Dua Lipa – We’re Good (Dillon Francis Remix)

Photo via Rukes.com