Dillon Francis & Evie Irie Dare new collaboration, “Be Somebody”

Dillon Francis and Evie Irie combine their talents for a fresh, new collaboration, “Be Somebody.” Dillon serves up a bright, simmering soundscape punctuated by the track’s massive melody, assisted by distorted guitar and thick bass. All the while, Australian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Evie Irie flutters over the production with her confessional verses. The lyrics win us over with an unapologetic tone: And everybody’s fake as fuck / And I’m way too drunk, to pretend I’m happy … Me and my friends, we gonna pool our money / We gonna get a droptop, we gonna be somebody

The meaning behind the song is particularly in line with Dillon’s own personal experience. He explains of the release: “‘Be Somebody’ is an ode to all the people that told me I was just a class clown and wasn’t gonna make it.”

Evie adds: “Be Somebody is Dillon’s story, and I’m so lucky to help share it. When he was telling me the inspiration behind his idea, I totally related to it. Just a small kid with big dreams in a school ground.”

Listen here!

Dillon Francis – Be Somebody (with Evie Irie)

Photo via Jas Davis