Dillon Francis Enlists Baby Jake For Vibey Collaboration “You Do You”

Dillon Francis is leading the charge alongside Diplo to make live streaming the new way to connect with fans across the globe. He currently hosts three weekly DJ sets, including B2Bs with Diplo and Gerald’s DJ debut, on his YouTube, Instagram, and Mad Decent‘s Twitch. All the while, Dillon Francis has managed to carve out time to enlist Baby Jake for a fantastic new single.

The followup to his whimsical Magic Is Real mixtape, “You Do You” is an eccentric blend of Dillon Francis’ take on pop and Baby Jake’s distinctive vocals. Rife with intricate, amusing percussion and lush melodies, “You Do You” is instantly hypnotizing and deserving of being played on repeat. Stream Dillon Francis and Baby Jake’s new collaboration below.

‘You Do You’ is about how nobody’s loyal anymore. People will say they’re yours one day, but they’re with someone else the next; they struggle with commitment. It’s like me with my juice cleanse — I can have a juice in the morning and for lunch, but then I order a pizza later and eat the whole thing…and repeat the next day. – Baby Jake

Dillon Francis & Baby Jake – You Do You