Dillon Francis Drops His New Album “ Happy Machine ” On His Birthday

Today is Dillon Francis’s birthday! He’s turning 34, and it seems only right that today, an otherwise random Tuesday, he drops his new album, Happy Machine. Dillon’s discography is vast, from his debut album Money Sucks, Friends Rule in 2018 through his This Mixtape Is Fire. EP the same year, and his Spanish-influenced album WUT WUT in 2018. Happy Machine definitely leans more house than a lot of his earliest releases, calling on collaborators like Shift K3Y, and plenty of vocalists like Bow Anderson, Hayley May, Liza Owen, Bryn Christopher, and more. It’s a feel-good album that doesn’t particularly strive to reinvent the wheel, rather opting to put some bling on the familiar.

It’s hard to describe Happy Machine as bombastic as MSFR or as diverse as WUT WUT or even as whimsical as Magic Is Real from 2019. It’s simple, feelsy house music that likely won’t make a lasting impact on EDM as a whole. But it doesn’t have to — if Dillon is feeling this vibe, and fans are vibing with it, that’s more than enough. Check out Happy Machine below and be sure to wish Dillon a happy birthday!

Photo via Rukes.com