Dillon Francis Drops All Drum & Bass Set On Party Favor’s Isolation Live Stream

Party Favor hosted his Isolation Festival live stream over this past weekend and with it the release of his The Isolation Album with projects all created during quarantine. Booked for the lineup was a stellar assortment of artists including A-Trak, Nina Las Vegas, and more. Also on the lineup was Dillon Francis, who surprised with his first all-Drum & Bass set ever for an enthralling 35-minute set and a side of the DJ we don’t typically see.

Many DJs in 2020 have been doing sets outside of their “given” genres to showcase their diverse talents and musical tastes. Especially when people haven’t paid for an event, it’s become less important to “give fans what they want” and really spread their wings and try something new. Dillon Francis playing a full drum & bass set is an exciting new look at the DJ who doesn’t usually drop DnB in his sets. But his tracklist is deep, and his mixing is good, doing the community justice.

Check out the full set below!

Photo via Rukes.com