Dillon Francis dropped a new remix to Dixie D’Amelio’s “Be Happy”

Just under two weeks ago, Dillon Francis dropped a new remix to Dixie D’Amelio’s “Be Happy,” supposedly breaking into her home to film the music video. Now, he’s back again, this time taking on “Straight To The Morning” from Hot Chip. One of Hot Chip’s two singles this year, “Straight To The Morning” is an exuberant, disco-influenced bop that perfectly encapsulates the the group’s ethos. For his take, Dillon added some additional house flair and switched up the beat for a more dancefloor-oriented listening experience. All that being said, the original bones are still securely in place and the whole affair feels like a new-age ’70s disco anthem.

“I have been a massive Hot Chip fan since their album ‘The Warning’ so getting asked to remix this last single was an absolute honor,” Dillon said. “This remix is in the direction of a lot of my upcoming new music so I hope people enjoy the hell out of it because more happy house music is on the way!”

That being said, he’s still working on This Mixtape is Fire 2

You can listen to his remix of “Straight To The Morning” below!