Di Higrade’s new single ‘HTML’ is a romantic ballad that carries the traces of his undying love

Afro-Dancehall Ghanaian Artist Di Higrade gives us a timeless piece of composition ‘HTML’ with all the soulful melodies of soft hip hop to address his love to his girl. With a fashionable style of songwriting, the new singer Di Higrade stands first in the line to take the place of Marvin Gaye for his passionate immediacy every song he sings. He is the lord of the love melodies that never have failed to penetrate any heart and bring the color of life back from its frozen frame. His latest track HTML’ will drive all the love birds crazy with his sweet trills in it to send the proof of his undeniable love away to his beloved.

The song ‘HTML’ is the abbreviation of ‘Hello To My Lover’ that makes it a beautiful love song concocted in soft hip hop tunes. Di Higrade’s dulcet vocal do the wonders in the chorus of the song where his delirious voice modulation registers with the changing strings its musical bars. It is imbibed with sensuality and a sense of longing that encourages us to taste the magic portion of love. The outstanding piano riffs bound the streams of melodies in slow and elated rhythmic beats that soothe the ears. Unnatural words in the track paint a credulous picture of eternal endearment. It is available on every platform with its incredible official music video on youtube.

Website link: https://www.dihigrade.us/

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