Dex Arson Releases “Ice Breaker” EP on Uplink Audio

Dex Arson is a name I’ll be paying attention to now that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing his Ice Breaker EP, out now via Uplink Audio. Comprised of four songs, Dex brings heavy bass and relentless beats to the mix. Of the tracks released, the stand out is absolutely “Break The Silence,” which sets itself apart from the rest as the only melodic tune. I’m always a sucker for melodic bass though, so perhaps I’m a bit biased, but it really does shine brighter than the rest just by virtue of being different. “Ice Breaker,” “Snake Pit,” and “Roll Out” each have their strengths, however, and are great for just banging your head and going wild. Check out the new Ice Breaker EP from Dex Arson below!