DEVAULT Unveils Second Installment Of Immersive Audiovisual Experience In “Sapphire”

DEVAULT first shared his new audiovisual concept with the world via JADE earlier this year. Now, he’s following it up with the second installment, SAPPHIRE. The full EP will drop later this month, but he’s beginning now with the lead single and title track, “Sapphire.” Like JADE, this project comes with a thrilling visual accompaniment. Keeping in line with the synthwave vibe of the French touch era á la Kavinsky or TimeCop1983, “Sapphire” is a booming and driving track that combines an acute sense of musicality with a penchant for storytelling.

“I wanted to create something that pays homage to the music that got me so excited about electronic music in the first place,” DEVAULT states, “the new wave sounds of the ’80s, the French Touch, and the rave music of the 90’s all influenced this record.”

A full visual experience will more than likely accompany the EP when it arrives, as well. For now, watch and listen to “Sapphire” below.