Devault Unveils “Jade” EP With Immersive 13-Minute Visual Experience

As immersive as music can already be, it’s now 2019 and simple audio waves squander the possibilities that current technology affords artists and musicians. Music videos were a great first step to bridging sight and sound in a streamable format, but now, artists are taking it further and further and creating whole visual experiences to accompany their works. Cue Devault, who’s just released his new JADE EP, along with a 13-minute immersive visual that takes you into the mind of the darkness and spits you back out the other end. Blending Zhu-like qualities with a darker, more electric and sinister sensibility, Devault creates a sonic space and visual atmosphere that are all his own.

This is easily Devault’s most ambitious project to date. Telling a cohesive story through sound, let alone depicting it visually and syncing everything together, is a task many attempt but few accomplish. Stream it here if you must, but JADE is best experienced via the visual below.