Devault Unveils His Exclusive Mixtape, Setting the Stage on Fire for HARD Summer Performance!

In anticipation of the highly anticipated return of HARD Summer to Los Angeles in just five weeks, the excitement is steadily building. To ensure you’re fully prepared for the festival, look no further than the official HSMF Mixtape series, and we’re thrilled to present the latest offering from none other than Devault.

Throughout 2023, Devault has been consistently releasing captivating music, with his most recent collaboration being “Revelations” featuring ZHU and BabyJake. In keeping with his distinctive style, this mixtape defies genre boundaries, seamlessly blending bass house heaters, techno bangers, and nostalgic old-school rave sounds. Since his last appearance at HARD in 2018, this performance is bound to be an unmissable experience.

Take a moment to listen to the mix below and immerse yourself in Devault’s extraordinary talent. Limited tickets for HARD Summer are still available, so secure yours now to be part of this incredible event.