DeVante B. Shares Emotional Journey Through 5-Track ‘Messiah’ EP [LISTEN]

DeVante B., the artist formerly known as G-Bread, has mastered his craft quietly in the West Michigan scene — but it’s about time his message is heard. The producer’s Messiah EP is the word. Blending elements of grime, house, r&b, hip hop and soul, DeVante B. shapes a journey that can only be experienced through this five-track snapshot. Day in day out, the producer pours his heart and soul into his music, for a result that simply cannot be replicated. He explains of the new release, “My 2019 EP ‘Messiah’ is a collection of tracks based around different emotional experiences I’ve faced this past year.”

With emotion as his centerpiece, Devante B. expertly crafts curious, lofi beats with bursts of optimism and no shortage of inspiration. When listening through the Messiah EP, it’s obvious we’re hearing something real, something tangible. It’s down to earth and relatable AF. Listen below and link up with Devante B. below.

DeVante B. – Messiah EP