Detroit’s Ré Lxuise Loves Hard with New EP ‘2’

Ré Lxuise returns with an impeccable new project simply entitled, ‘2.’ With a deep catalog full of fan favorites such as “Won’t Be Long,” “Muse,” and “Still Down,” she doesn’t disappoint with the five-song package of winter vocals and Instagram captions for each day of the holiday season. The Detroit native speaks with a specific mood: melodic, yet, moody — and sometimes even a little dark. The perfect balance of all aspects of what can define, create and manifest a great artist.

The audience is reminded of her stacked harmonies at the ending of the introduction track titled “Priority.” She begins with “Tell me no lies” although her voice sings as if she doesn’t believe her partner will honor her request truthfully. But, just like Lxuise, she has been here before. Masterfully, Lxuise dives right into the next track, “Me 2.” The contralto uses her lower register to set the tone. She reflects perfect breath control, the right amount of challenging harmony and, per usual, a tall-tale of a love story. But to a surprise, she ends with the most intricate vibrations telling of a specific heartache.

Lxuise has never been afraid of expressing that she wants love. Much like her previous work “Show You Off,” she is blatant and upfront about how she wants to be loved in “Me&U.” Strong-willed and unapologetic, the songstress marinates prolific messaging and relentless love; the exact formula for the perfect love song. While most artists are looking for the fastest way to the top: Ré Lxuise is building an enormous catalog filled with undeniable sing-a-longs and excerpts of a modern-day social media philosopher to solidify her vocal print in history. This, project, right here: a download must!