Details of Microsoft AZ-104 Exam: Count on Practice Tests for High Passing Score

Are you determined to be a valuable candidate and knock down your competition when you apply for a job? If yes, then you need an international certification to demonstrate that you have valid skills on a certain topic. If your dream since college has been to become a Microsoft Azure Administrator, then AZ-104 exam is the best investment that you could make in your future. This test is the only step you need to take to attain the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate credential.

What is more, this certification assessment has been recently updated. Thus, you shouldn’t worry that you won’t keep pace with the latest trends in terms of cloud computing. All you have to do is to enter on the Microsoft website and check which are the AZ-104 eligibility conditions. Also, you should get ready for a period of intensive training if you want to pay the registration exam fee of $165 only once. So, are you ready to learn more about AZ-104 test? Let’s get started then!

Target Audience and Eligibility Requirements for AZ-104 Exam

According to the details provided by Microsoft on their website about AZ-104 test, the target audience for this exam is formed by anyone who wants to become a skilled Microsoft Azure Administrator. You have higher chances to do well in this assessment and get a high passing score in it if you have at least 6 months of practical experience managing Azure services and features.

When it comes to the requirements for AZ-104 test, the vendor’s exam page doesn’t specify any mandatory criteria to be eligible for this exam. However, they have some recommendations for those candidates who attempt to take AZ-104. Your chances to pass assessment AZ-104 increase significantly if you have an in-depth understanding of Azure security and governance. Also, you will understand

the exam concepts easier if you have previous experience in using cloud infrastructure, different operating systems, or storage environments.

Don’t Forget about AZ-104 Training

While the domains tested during AZ-104 assessment seem quite difficult, you shouldn’t worry too much when it comes to training. Microsoft is very generous in offering different training alternatives and will help you hone your skills enormously before you take AZ-104.

For example, you can try the Microsoft Press Store and search for books or videos relevant for this exam or you can enroll for the instructor-led training available on the test official page. To know more, you have higher chances to pass your assessment with a good score if you use practice tests. With them, you will get practical experience on the test topics and evaluate your level of readiness.


If you want to be a successful Azure Administrator, then you should get certified by passing the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. This assessment will help you develop the necessary skills to manage different Azure features and services. Also, your test success is influenced by the quality of training materials you choose. So, you shouldn’t miss the vendor’s website if you want to be streets ahead over other candidates in the main assessment. You can start with tutor-led classes and continue with study guides and practice tests until you are 100% sure that you have all the necessary knowledge to go through this test.