Deadmau5 Slays Creamfields with Cube V3 Show featuring Lights [WATCH]


deadmau5 took the stage at Creamfields 2019 last night and today we can relive it all over again!


The renowned DJ/producer brought out his cube v3 for the occasion. It’s his most epic display to date, which really takes his musical vision to the next level. More on that here.

Kicking things off with his 2019 track “nosedive,” the mau5trap maestro got straight to work. Ripping through new and old favorites, deadmau5 covered everything from “Cthulhu Sleeps” to “Avaritia.” He threw it back to “Maths” and “Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff” and into the era of “Three Pound Chicken Wing” and “Imaginary Friends.”

The biggest highlight comes an hour in, as Lights joined deadmau5 on stage for a live version of “Raise Your Weapon” and they performed their recent collaboration together, “Drama Free.” It’s impossible to watch through and not get chills.

To top it all off, he ended with “Strobe.”

See deadmau5 and his amazing cube v3 at play here!

deadmau5 @ Creamfields 2019

Photo via via youredm

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