Deadmau5 Shares Hyperlapse Of His Cube 3.0 Construction

Deadmau5 is ready to unleash Cube 3.0 on the world and the world isn’t ready for it. If you signed up for text alerts from mau5 via yesterday, then you received a YouTube link this morning leading to the hyperlapse video below. In it, a team of engineers and stage hands construct the cube from the bottom up, LED panels, light strips, and all.

There are a few major points to take away from this demonstration:

Different from past cubes, deadmau5 will not be DJing on top looking out into the crowd. Instead, the cube is large enough, and hollow, to fit a whole music console inside.
This doesn’t mean that you won’t see deadmau5, however — the cube rotates to reveal its innards.
The LED panels are also slightly translucent when turned off, allowing for a 3D effect using the LED strips within in addition to deadmau5’s own LED helmet to create a stunning effect.
When rotated, the cube reveals an additional LED strip at the bottom in the back. From the demonstration, it seems that the music console is affixed to the base, while the cube rotates around it. It appears this means that when the cube is rotated so deadmau5 is visible, he would still be facing away from the crowd.
Not only does the cube rotate on its X-axis, it also tilts on its Y-axis (1:19 in the video).

In terms of pure technology, apart from the Ultra main stage itself, the Cube 3.0 will be the most visually impressive show during the whole festival. Deadmau5 closes out the Live Arena on Saturday, March 30.