deadmau5 Releases Official Music Video With Lights Made using Manticore’s CORE engine

Back in July, deadmau5 released his second collaboration with Lights, “When The Summer Dies.” A month later, he announced he was releasing his own virtual world, Oberhasli, made using Manticore’s CORE engine. Now, one more more after that, the two have collided with the official music video for the single, made entirely with user-created worlds on CORE. This incredible collaboration with deadmau5 and Core creators resulted in more than 130 entries from around the world that spanned gritty underground cities to psychedelic visions to war-torn landscapes. Several of the creators who participated have unique backgrounds, with many having little to no prior professional game development experience, and yet were still able to make stunningly beautiful 3D worlds in just a few days.

“I’ve been experimenting with the confluence of music and tech for a long time, and now with games, I’m able to take it to a whole other level,” said Joel Zimmerman who is deadmau5. “Typically it takes months and hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars to make a music video. In this case, we were able to pull together a video with stunning 3D worlds in just a couple of months by crowdsourcing the creation to the Core community and deadmau5 fans. The quality of the interactive experiences and the speed with which they were made was unbelievable and demonstrates why more artists are seeking out unique opportunities inside of games to extend new experiences to their audiences.”

Check out the video below and continue scrolling for some examples of fan submissions.

Sino (creator of A Cyberpunk Dream – game link and video link) – Sino is a music producer for local artists in Pakistan turned Core creator. His earnings from Core helped him pay his bills, rent, etc. and support his family during the pandemic. He switched careers and is now a full-time game developer.

Dragonballduraq (creator of Abandoned Stage Sub) – Dragonballduraq is a 19 year-old recent high school graduate. She joined Core three days after the jam started and made a winning submission in seven days using Core for the first time and having no professional experience making games or environments.

BFM (creator of deadmau5 Submission) – BFM worked as a pizza delivery person for years and now makes Core games during his spare time. He has won many Core contests and challenges and used his earnings to pay bills. BFM’s world uses a dismal junkyard as a backdrop for the star of our jam in a manner befitting the cyberpunk theme.