Deadmau5 & Indie Pop Band, Foster The People Dreamy Collab , “ Hyperlandia ”

The latest by Deadmau5 is a single shared with indie pop band, Foster The People, and it will seriously make you feel things. Between the haunting vocals and rippling, progressive soundscape, “Hyperlandia” establishes itself as a unique release, perfect for a late night drive or bedtime lullaby. Deadmau5 is no stranger to collaboration, having worked frequently with artists like Lights and Wolfgang Gartner. The single is not Foster The People’s first appearance on an electronic record, either. The band also worked with Louis the Child on the March 2020 hit, “Every Color,” and Mark Foster made a solo appearance on Madeon’s 2015 album with “Nonsense.”

The single is available as a radio edit and in the original vocal version, which adds two minutes of bonus dreamy beats. Listen to the dreamy collab below!

Deadmau5 & Foster the People — Hyperlandia