Deadmau5 Drops New Single “Quezacotl” from Upcoming EP

Premiered during his sold-out “retro5spective: 25 years of deadmau5” shows at the Hollywood Bowl and Brooklyn Mirage, “Quezacotl” has captivated audiences from the start, setting the stage for its official release via the producer’s own mau5trap imprint.

Opening with dainty synths, the track’s introduction flutters like the delicate wings of a mythical creature, tiptoeing across the auditory canvas. As the track unfurls, warm soundscapes crescendo and envelop us like a familiar embrace.

“Quezacotl” seamlessly blends complexity with accessibility, a hallmark of deadmau5‘s best work. Uplifting melodies take flight, weaving through the soundscape with an airy grace as spritely synths dance amidst a lush backdrop, their tones friendly and inviting. It’s a return to form for deadmau5, marking his first instrumental single since the release of 2022’s “XYZ.” “Quezacotl” will be featured on the producer’s upcoming three-song EP, “some ep,” which is set for a full release on July 19th, 2024.