Deadmau5 Drops 3 Brand New, Rave-Ready Remixes

deadmau5‘s most recent tracks are totally reimagined with a brand new remix pack out now. The 3-track release features expert remixes of “SATRN,” “COASTED,” and “FALL,” by Sian, Jay Robinson, and Speaker Honey, respectively. Out of the gate, Sian boosts “SATRN” into a high-energy atmosphere, with a pounding four on the floor beat and pitched up melodies to boost the adrenaline. The remix never stays in one place for too long, building on electro and techno elements throughout. With much of the world on near lockdown, this “SATRN” remix hits like a massive rave we’ve all been missing.

The other remixes are just as powerful. Jay Robinson’s take on “COASTED” starts out steady before erupting into a full-on electro groove. Finally, Speaker Honey gives “FALL” a dark and gritty treatment with whining synths and heavy reverb. For deadmau5 fans, this is an essential remix pack that brings each production to the next level.

Listen here!

deadmau5 – SATRN / COASTED / FALL Remixes

Photo via Virisa Young for Insomniac Events