Deadmau5 & Dillon Francis Jump On Stage Together for Dance-Off To “Dancing Queen”

It always pays to start off your Monday morning on the right foot, and thankfully, Dillon Francis and Deadmau5 have us covered. This past weekend at Escape: Pyscho Circus in Southern California, during Dillon’s main stage set, Deadmau5 hopped on stage to surprise him while he was playing ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” The surprise from Dillon is perfectly genuine, but it’s what happens next that really warms our hearts. Deadmau5 is the first one to jump on stage and goad Dilllon to jump up with him. Mau5 does a cute little dance and Dillon joins right along.

See deadmau5 on his Cube v3 tour

Check out the adorable video below for the perfect start to the week.

Here’s the wholesome content you need today… @deadmau5 and i dancing to “dancing queen”

— Dillon Francis (@DillonFrancis) October 27, 2019