Daya’s Captivating New Single, “Don’t Call”

Grammy-winning sensation Daya, known for her collaborations with The Chainsmokers on “Don’t Let Me Down” and her work with LLENIUM and Gryffin on “Feel Good,” has released a compelling new single, “Don’t Call,” through Spinnin’ Records. This latest track, produced by Sebastian Furrer of Cazzette, highlights Daya’s exceptional ability to blend emotive storytelling with innovative genre fusion.

“Don’t Call” marks a notable shift in Daya’s musical style, venturing into the drum & bass genre while retaining her distinctive pop essence. The song’s ethereal synths and lively rhythms construct a grand, expansive auditory landscape, juxtaposed against the intimate, confined inspiration behind its creation. Written in a small room within a Swedish building that once functioned as a prison, the track embodies a sense of heartfelt escape, with Daya’s falsettos and poignant vocals soaring above the production.

The lyrics poignantly capture the pain and liberation that come with letting go. Subtle yet powerful drum & bass elements underscore the track’s climactic moments, infusing it with a dynamic intensity that enhances its emotional depth.