David Solomon is back with his first original track of 2021, “Cross Your Mind”

As is pretty well known by now, David Solomon, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, produces and DJs on the side. He’s pretty darn good at it too as evidenced by his appearances on the Billboard Dance charts and his booking at Tomorrowland back in 2019 (sigh, memories). Now Solomon is back with his first original track of 2021, “Cross Your Mind,” and it’s a smooth, dancefloor heater.

“Cross Your Mind” wastes no time getting started. Right off the bat we get the slightly tropical sounding synth notes that make up the melody of the song. Slow handclaps keep the beat as the alluring female vocal comes in. She’s definitely thinking about a former lover, and it seems like she regrets that the relationship has ended. The vocal refrain is something we can all relate to, “Do I ever cross your mind? Because I think about you all of the time.” The drop takes the synths beats and layers them over a club-ready house beat.

“Cross Your Mind” is also the first track that David Solomon has released under his own name. He had previously released under the moniker of DJ D-Sol, but, his real name lends an air of gravitas to it. “Cross Your Mind” is out now on Payback.

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