David Guetta Show You “How I DJ, Powered by Pioneer DJ”

If you’ve ever wondered how the reigning No. 1 DJ in the world, David Guetta, throws down live — the video below powered by Pioneer DJ will show you exactly how it’s done! The “How I DJ” series provides an in-depth look at the art of DJing, including musical, technical and creative approaches to the mix. In this case, Guetta breaks down his hybrid DJ setup including key sync, use of FX and more to add excitement and seamless transitions to his performances.

In addition, Guetta weaves in a brief history on his humble beginnings, from first learning to beat match and practicing in his bedroom with just a radio and a single turntable — and honing his craft for years before organizing his own parties, working as his own promoter and ultimately driving his career from there. Other episodes of “How I DJ” feature James Hype, Eats Everything, Jamz Supernova, Kenny Allstar, Conducta, and Monki. They’re all well worth the watch and can be viewed as a playlist here. Watch how David Guetta DJs below!

David Guetta: How I DJ, Powered by Pioneer DJ

H/T: DJ Mag | Photo via Rukes.com