David Altrath Photographs The World’s Longest Underground Art Gallery in Stockholm

With over 100 stations linked in an intricate web of underground train lines, spanning 110km far, the Swedish capital of Stockholm is revered for the world’s longest art gallery in existence. Featuring the works of at least 150 different artists, the cities metros showcase an array of art styles, each with their own distinct theme and color scheme.

Comprising of sculptures, rock formations, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs, Stockholm’s underground world has grown to be every tourist and photographer’s must-see destination. Of the many who have come to admire each station’s virtue, was fine-art, landscape and travel photographer, Conor MacNeill, and freelance German photographer, David Altrath – who is known for his work in architecture, landscape photography and advertising.

Dubbing his project in Stockholm, “Metro”, Altrath’s equally mesmerizing work is available for viewing online.

Solna Centrum station on the blue line (T11) of the Stockholm metro system in Sweden.