Datsik DM Reveals He’s Waiting On The “Right Time” For Comeback

It’s been over a year since Datsik was accused of multiple instances of sexual misconduct and abuse. The public backlash forced him to cancel his tour and he was swiftly dropped by his management, label and booking agency. His career virtually vanished when the claims were brought to light.

Still, his diehard fans are pulling for a comeback.

Over the last year, Datsik has remained silent on socials and entirely out of the spotlight. Back in October, these screenshots suggested he had become sober and intended on making a comeback in the future.

Another more recent screenshot reiterates his plans to return to music. He’s just waiting for the “right time.”

Datsik responds to a fan via dm: “There will be the right time for it but certain things I need to figure out first. Thanks again man, I love u all regardless of what people are saying about me. I miss my Ninjas!”

Plotting a return. Where my mother fucking ninjas!!!!

Posted by Steven Chisholm on Sunday, April 7, 2019

Photo via Piper Ferguson

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