Daniel Lee’s Fall 2019 Collection Takes Bottega Veneta in a New Direction

Backed by a striking gold-coloured sports car suspended in the air, featuring pieces from the Fall 2019 collection, Bottega Veneta’s Creative Director Daniel Lee steers the Italian fashion house in a fresh direction, all while keeping the brand codes with a modern, clean, and sophisticated style.

Exploring the contrast between man and machine, everything from the campaign exudes lavish glamour and status.

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Expect to see clean silhouettes with a touch of modernity throughout the collection. From gold statement jewellery and textured coats with a metallic finish, to ribbed high-neck tops for men – We can’t wait to see what more this amazing direction will bring for the brand.

Shot by Tyrone Lebon against the clear blue skies of Joshua Tree, California, Daniel Lee has given the label a complete makeover – one that we are definitely on board for.

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This is Lee’s first full collection for the Italian fashion house since he was named its Creative Director last June.

This article first appeared on L’Officiel Malaysia.