Dani Darling (aka Soul Galaxy Girl) new single, “Stranger”

Dani Darling (aka Soul Galaxy Girl) new single, “Stranger.” The song serves as the lead offering from Dani’s forthcoming debut EP, Nocturne. “Stranger’ was initially the start of a jazzy musical I planned to write with a friend. The idea was to create a modern version of a jazz standard like Cole Porter or Gershwin; something Nat King Cole would sing,” Dani Darling tells us. “It started with exploring the concept of growing apart from someone you were once very close to and ‘Stranger’ was the first (and only) song I wrote for that project; it kind of took on a life of its own. It was the result of a live recording in one take.” Dani’s style of lo-fi Jazz/soul is inspired by the likes of Jamila Woods, Aaliyah, and Billie Holiday.