Dance Duo Gorgon City Release Their Third Album Olympia

Today, renowned dance duo Gorgon City release their third album Olympia, via Astralwerks. In ancient Greece, Olympia was a site of sanctuary where people would gather to praise Zeus. In creating their own Olympia, Gorgon City pay tribute to these historic human rituals – and welcome the return of collective euphoria. An 18-track album shrouded in Greek mythology, Olympia celebrates themes of escapism and exploration, as social freedom finally feels like a reality. Full of dancefloor fillers, Olympia is a collection of the duo’s work over the last few years, while digging deeper into the sounds, experiences and emotions that have influenced their lives and work.

Speaking on the new album, Gorgon City reveal, “With this record we’ve definitely gone more clubby and have been inspired by the big shows that we played before lockdown. It’s a bigger sound and lyrically it’s different for us.” In addition, Olympia continues the pair’s form for identifying new singing talent. Matt and Kye typically prefer to work with singers and songwriters operating outside of the dance music sphere – introducing new, stimulating elements to the Gorgon City oeuvre. The result is deep and dynamic, lyrical and beautiful. Listen here!


Gorgon City – Olympia