Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy ” The Complete Edition ” including an additional 9 tracks

It’s been a decade since Daft Punk released TRON: Legacy, their soundtrack to the movie sequel of the same name. Behind Random Access Memories, it was one of the last collections of music they released. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, they’ve returned with The Complete Edition to the soundtrack, including an additional 9 tracks. Back in July in an interview with Collider, TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski hinted at unreleased music from the movie.

“I can neither confirm nor deny that there may be some incredible music that we weren’t able to fit in the movie,” he said. Though, he seemingly did confirm it, following it up with, “Someday it would be nice to figure out some way to share that. Disney needs some other revenue streams right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if we try to do that at some point. That’d be great.”

Apparently that was all true and the music has been released! New tracks like “Sea of Simulation,” “Castor,” “Reflections,” and more are now available to stream on all streaming services. Check it out below.