Dack Janiels & Wenzday Push Bass Boundaries with “Dissociation Sequence”

Dack Janiels and Wenzday, the most deadly brother/sister combination in bass music, have dropped pure insanity in the form of “Dissociation Sequence.”

The new collaboration hails from 40oz Cult and slays every ounce of our being with its stomping bass and assertive switch ups. A slow and steady intro braces us for impact and soon “Dissociation Sequence” is underway. There’s zero hesitation as the track shifts into its skillfully crafted builds and drops, leaving us no choice but to dissociate and allow the music to take over.

Per the sibling duo, “Dissociation Sequence” is a journey into pushing the boundaries of bass music. Drawing influence from multiple genres, Dack Janiels and Wenzday have crafted a piece that cleverly evolves with each passing drop — which is your favorite?

Listen here and prepare to disconnect from reality!

Dack Janiels & Wenzday- Dissociation Sequence

Photo via @jveronephoto