Dack Janiels Returns To 40oz Cult With A Certified Brain Melter,“Fancy Footwork”

Dack Janiels returns to 40oz Cult with a certified brain melter, “Fancy Footwork.” The track showcases this LA-based producer’s signature dubstep flair with a nod to early hardstyle of the 2000s. Going off the press release, you’re gonna want to crank this one until you get a noise complaint. Dack Janiels has found a formula that works well for him, matching wonky riddim flow with crispy clean sound design and an overall “go hard or go home” mentality. We’re continuously impressed with his ability to mold cutting-edge bangers and his latest is no exception.

We can definitely see some “Fancy Footwork” happening during the track’s aggressive build — but when the drop hits, it’s straight up headbanging and rail breaking from there.

Listen and link up with Dack Janiels below!

Stream/download: https://dashgo.co/mxxeqoy

Dack Janiels – “Fancy Footwork”