Crooked Colours – I C Light (Blanke Remix)

Coming straight off his massive, heavy collalboration with Black Tiger Sex Machine, “Time Travel,” blanke is back with a new remix in a completely different direction. Taking on “I C Light” by Crooked Colours, blanke takes the beat-heavy original and strips it down to its bare elements. The breathy vocals are now held up with a more psychedelic, slow driving vibe with lots of distortion and a layer of bass. The fresh melody also helps to bring the remix into a completely new light.

“Crooked Colours are on fire at the moment and I’m so happy to have been asked to remix I C Light. I could hear how I wanted this to sound in my head, though it was something totally different to what I normally do. I’m almost certain it wasn’t what the band was looking for from me when they asked me to remix it, so when I found out they loved it, I was so stoked. Finally releasing something on the iconic Sweat It Out imprint is amazing, too! I loved making this.” – Blanke

blanke has made a point of not pigeon holing himself within any genre — even though he’s commonly referred to as a midtempo artist, his releases prove a much wider range of styles and influences. This remix, especially, will help to show that he has so much more to offer. Check out the blanke remix of “I C Light” from Crooked Colours below!