Crankdat Drops Thrilling ‘Fearworld’ EP Just in Time for Halloween

Crankdat just dropped a horrifying 2-track EP, just in time for the spookiest day of the year! With this new release, Crankdat’s signature Gearworld has flipped a switch — it’s Fearworld now. The EP includes two absolutely menacing bass productions, “Horror Hour” and “Phantom Cry.”

Crankdat has become a master of his own craft and we’re confident only he could think up Halloween-themed songs as theatrical and scream-worthy as these ones. Haunting synths, threatening bass, and blood-curdling surprises lurk at every corner. Beware. Without further ado, Crankdat presents “the most terrifying place in the universe,” Fearworld. Listen below.

Get it:

Crankdat – Fearworld EP