Country Cuzzin’s steps into the big picture of international hip hop scene with the new track ‘Neva Had By’

The upcoming music group Country Cuzzin’s releases a new music video ‘Neva Had By’ that showcases fresh talents out of Mississippi and genuine rap rants about life. Though we have heard about many incredible artists coming out of different parts of America and striking a chord with the audience in early 2020, Mississippi was a faded name in this business. But things are about to change as a group of extraordinary musicians called Country Cuzzin‘s are arriving at the center stage of hip-hop based music industry. 2020 has shown us many unique things and the good surprise of the year has slowly unraveled with the new music video ‘Neva Had By’ of the band, produced by NOW OR NEVA music label.

Country Cuzzin’s is formed with passionate rappers, producers, and bass-makers from the place where rhythms of blues were made. Marcus Brooks a.k.aMr. Laidback who opened up for Trinidad James Gold All In My Watch once, Cortez Brooks, has popularly known with the stage name Bottom Boy Cort, Corrdaro Spann, the producer a.k.aCalionabeat and Nesto Green as the manager of the band have come forward to show a collective effort and rare talents that can reshape the music genre. ‘Neva Had By’ was released on June 9, 2020, on youtube that has created a positive buzz for their steady fans. The video bears the message from young artists who dream big and waddle through unexplained struggles to enjoy the gold and glitters, all of it. Visit their official website for the latest news.

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