Couchsurfing, Louis Futon’s Sophomore Album, Is Now Out On DSPs Worldwide

Couchsurfing, Louis Futon‘s sophomore album, is now out on DSPs worldwide; after spent the latter half of 2021 releasing it, we can now delve further into his buttery smooth characteristic electronic music. This album combines hip-hop, funk, and soul, as well as allowing his experimental side to emerge. Louis’ narrative behind Couchsurfing is quite personal; when he first moved to LA, he had nowhere to dwell except on his friends’ sofas, yet he always felt at home no matter where he was.

He was able to take inspiration from every couch he slept on during this journey. The single ‘Ron Burgundy’ which features an irresistible drum rhythm and an instrumental flute line that strikes you with funky vibes and grooves, is a personal favorite. Couchsurfing is his most ambitious effort to yet, and it’s paying off handsomely. This bright and free-flowing album incorporates a variety of instruments as well as a lighthearted attitude. Take a look at the album below and get groovy!

Louis Futon – Couchsurfing