Correction: Ghastly Is Not Retiring Current Alias, Will Create New One For “Pretty Music”


Yesterday, I wrote an article titled “Ghastly Will Retire His Current Alias After Next EP To Focus On House Music” based on a tweet that Ghastly posted. The tweet read:

U guys I’m gonna drop this halftime bass ep but after that I will be focusing entirely on house music

I’m still going to be making pretty music, but it won’t be under ghastly

At first glance, I interpreted this to mean that he was retiring his Ghastly alias and starting a new one. Unfortunately, that interpretation was wrong. Rather than reach out to Ghastly or his team, I made a knee-jerk judgement and sent the post out on social media.

Today, Ghastly responded, “Big ol misinterpretation here – I’m not retiring Ghastly I’m starting another project.”

After reaching out directly to Ghastly today, he clarified that the Ghastly alias is going back to his house roots, and he’s creating a new alias for the aforementioned “pretty music.”

While I deeply regret not reaching out to Ghastly directly for greater clarification, and sit here today with egg on my face, I still stand by my final sentence in yesterday’s article: “Whatever Ghastly does next, we’re here for it and wish him all the best.”

Photo via via youredm

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