ConstantIII has worn many hats with the exhilarating performance in the song ‘LIGHTSKIN MAGIC’

ConstantIII is a vivacious singer who has come up with the most buoyant track ‘LIGHTSKIN MAGIC’ which is also a parody on Harry Potter. He is a stupendous 24-year-old prodigy based out of Ottawa in Ontario. He is a tremendous rapper who is also a brilliant singer and a song-writer. He has mastered not only parody and rap but also into hip hop and pop. He has become an overnight sensation with the release of his first music in 2018. His current views are a staggering 8 million and his number of followers on all social media platforms has crossed 300,000 plus followers. A family brand has also been launched by him called ‘Different III’.

In the track ‘LIGHTSKIN MAGIC’ by the superlative singer ConstantIII there is a dash of conviction that is colorful and chequered. There are oodles of funk and lends a devil-may-care attitude with innumerable swaggers. The bounce in the track is intense which rekindles the mood most remarkably. The performance in the music video has startled the audience. The rakish rhythm in the brilliant track is wonderful and mind-boggling.  You can listen to his songs and enjoy the music video on major trending platforms like YouTube.

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