Conan Mac Releases Uplifting New “Slow Mo” Single + Music Video


Over the last six months, UK artist Conan Mac has received critical acclaim for his notoriety as an artist. Following an exclusive Billboard premiere for his smash single “All Again” with Will Rumens, Conan Mac has garnered high media praise for his originals and notable features. To cap out a wildly-successful 2019, he released his “What You’re Thinkin” collaboration with Hella on the acclaimed Soave Records imprint.


It’s safe to say Conan has been on a roll since last year, and 2020 is proving to be a continuation of that success. Conan Mac recently released his first single release of 2020, “Slow Mo”, that is catchy as hell with a uplifting vibe. It can’t help but lift your spirits as Conan’s soothing voice sails perfectly over a bright, tropical beat.

He’s also released an accompanying music video to “Slow Mo”. Directed by videographer Jack Robinson (, the “Slow Mo” official music video, who previously directed Mac’s “All Again” video, is a dazzling expression of colors. Perfectly accompanying the song, the “Slow Mo” visual serves up an explosion of vibrance and represents the inevitable chaos we attempt at holding back just before everything explodes. “Slow Mo” the music video allows Conan’s personality to shine brightly among the colorful fun, which makes the interpretation by Robinson a truly artistic win.

Here’s what Conan Mac had to say about it:

“In the ‘Slow Mo’ video, just like the song, I’m trying to hold back the inevitable chaos before things get too serious. Aside from the metaphors though, you get to see me hit in the face with a paint bomb so… what’s not to love?”

Watch + Stream Conan Mac’s new single, “Slow Mo” below!

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