ColourPop x Hello Kitty Big Surprise Lux Gloss Trio


Big Surprise

ColourPop Big Surprise Lux Gloss Trio is a new trio of sheerer glosses, each with some shimmer/sparkle to it, featuring a more gel-cream like texture that was plusher, lightly tacky but not heavy to wear. They have a shorter wear time but are hydrating and comfortable to have on. They’re only available as a set from Ulta but are sold individually through ColourPop directly.

Icicle Pop

Icicle seemed to have a nearly-clear base with flecks of cooler sparkles paired with a high-shine, glossy finish. The consistency was smooth, plush, and more like a gel-cream, so it was a little thicker but not heavy to wear, though there was a touch of tackiness present. It had very sheer color coverage with a smattering of sparkle–it was a shade that seemed sheerer than the formula was designed to be and would have benefitted by being described as transparent/translucent (it wasn’t). It lasted for two hours and felt moisturizing over time.

So Chilly

So Chilly is a light-medium, more cotton candy pink with subtle, cool undertones and barely-there sparkle over a glossy finish. It had semi-sheer color coverage in a single layer, which applied evenly and smoothly across my lips without emphasizing my lip lines. The texture was lightly tacky but smooth, plush, and comfortable to wear and easy to spread across my lips. This shade stayed on decently for three hours and felt hydrating over time.

Big Bow

Big Bow is a light-medium pink with warmer undertones and pink and gold sparkle suspended in a glossy base. It had sheer color coverage that applied evenly and didn’t emphasize my lip lines with good dispersion of the sparkles. It was lightweight, smooth, and more like a gel-cream as it was plush but not heavy, though lightly tacky. It wore well for three hours and felt hydrating over time.