ColourPop Twitterpated Lux Gloss Trio



ColourPop Twitterpated Lux Gloss Trio includes three, new limited edition glosses with light sparkle and sheerer coverage, so they didn’t look that different once on, and they may look vastly different (compared to how they appear on my lips) depending on one’s natural lip color. The formula was consistent with the Lux Gloss formula; thicker formula, smoother and plusher, which enabled even coverage that didn’t emphasize lip lines, but it wasn’t particularly long-wearing and pigmentation varied.


Bambi is a medium peach with warmer, more orange undertones and flecks of multi-colored, pastel sparkle throughout. It had semi-sheer color coverage, which applied evenly and smoothly across my lips. The texture was lightly creamy with a touch of tackiness, which felt a little thicker than the average gloss. It wore well for three hours and felt hydrating over time.


Flower has a translucent base that was tinged with lavender and had slightly cooler-toned, lavender and silver flecks of sparkle sporadically through the gloss. The texture felt smooth, lighter-weight but was a thicker, plusher gloss with a touch of tackiness. It had sheer color coverage that lasted well for two and a half hours, though it was moisturizing.


Thumper is a very light, almost translucent pink with warmer undertones and flecks of white gold sparkle throughout. It was slightly milky in its color when applied to my lips, though the pink tone was difficult to pull out (you can see in the tube but nowhere else). The gloss had a smooth, thicker, and plusher texture, which had a touch of stickiness but wasn’t uncomfortable to wear. It had semi-sheer coverage at best that stayed on for two and a half hours. The formula felt hydrating while worn.