ColourPop Twist of Slate Eyeshadow Palette

Twist of Slate

The ColourPop Twist of Slate 10-Pan Pressed Powder Palette has one cream eyeshadow (new formula), four shimmer eyeshadows, and five matte eyeshadows in a new, cooler-toned neutral palette. Some of the mattes were sheerer and/or powderier than others, as is typical.

In the Stars

The shade In the Stars is a deeper pinky-beige with warm undertones and a satin texture. It provided mainly opaque, buildable coverage that was light sticky, thin, and quick to dry. It wasn’t easy to maneuver on the lid, so I used a fingertip since the warmth made it easier to manage. Before creasing, it lasted for eight hours.


Mica has a metallic shine and is a beautiful, very light yellowy-gold with delicate, warm undertones. The eyeshadow was soft, a touch powdered but blendable, and not too prone to fallout, with almost opaque pigmentation in a single coat. It lasted for eight hours before dramatically diminishing.

Fortunate One

Fortunate One is a bright golden bronze with a metallic texture and warm undertones. The formula was silky smooth, almost cream-like to the touch, and simple to pick up with a dry brush and apply to the lid for maximum color payoff. It lasted for eight hours before becoming clearly faded.


Carbon is a deeper pewter with a frosted texture and mild warm undertones. It featured semi-sheer color coverage and a looser, drier texture with mild fallout that was best applied with a wet fingers or brush. It persisted for seven hours before dissipating and had some long-term consequences.

To the Quarry

To the Quarry is a deep, dark bronze with warm, reddish undertones and a softer, golden sheen. It had opaque pigmentation in a single pass, and the texture was gently creamy and silky to the touch, so it stuck nicely to bare skin. It lasted for eight hours before dramatically diminishing.

So Fated

So Fated is a matte-finish pale purplish-taupe with strong, chilly undertones. When applied to bare skin, the texture was light and powdery, yet it provided complete coverage and blended beautifully around the edges. It lasted on me for seven and a half hours before fading noticeably.

Take a Chance

Take a Chance is a light taupe-brown with a matte sheen and mild warm undertones. It had a smooth, blendable texture that was mildly powdered in the pan, with mainly opaque, buildable pigmentation. After seven and a half hours on me, it began to fade.

Cool Down

Chilly Down is a matte gray with cool undertones and a rich purple hue. It has a delicate, finely milled, but slightly powdered texture with medium, somewhat buildable pigmentation. It lasted for seven and a half hours before clearly diminishing.

Night Vision

Night Vision is a primarily matte ebony taupe with neutral-to-cool undertones. Despite appearing to have more semi-opaque coverage unblended, it had a fairly powdered texture with a thinner feel that was prone to fallout and sheering out. It lasted for seven hours before dramatically diminishing.

Sleek Over

Sleek Over is a matte dark brown with a chilly undertone. The eyeshadow has a deep pigmentation and a smooth, velvety texture that was blendable without becoming overly powdered. It lasted on me for eight hours before fading noticeably.