ColourPop Ticket to Dreamland Eyeshadow Palette

Ticket to Dreamland

The ColourPop Ticket to Dreamland 12-Pan Pressed Shadow Palette is a new, limited edition palette that contains three true matte eyeshadows, four sparkle matte eyeshadows, four shimmer eyeshadows, and one pressed glitter (and here we thought ColourPop had abandoned including those in a regular eyeshadow palette, pfft!). Sparkly mattes aren’t for everyone; I think the concept is intriguing, but they tend to result in unnecessary fallout and little sparkle that actually gets on the lid in the first place, let alone what stays on over time. This palette contains four of that finish, so those who prefer that finish may find that the palette performs better overall for their preferences.

Come One

Come One is a pale gold with warm undertones and a metallic sheen. The texture felt emollient to the touch, with more glide, which reduced fallout while maintaining opacity. It lasted about eight hours before starting to fade.

Come All

Come All is a yellowy orange with strong, warm undertones and a matte finish. It had a soft, lightly powdery texture that was blendable with nearly opaque, buildable pigmentation. It wore well for eight hours before visibly fading.


Funhouse has a rich, medium-dark orange-coral finish and is matte. It provided opaque color coverage that applied well to bare skin and had a smooth, even color laydown that diffused easily along the edges. The texture was smoother, more velvety, and less powdery. It lasted for about eight hours before fading noticeably.


Lucidity is a matte neon orange with warmer undertones. It was densely pigmented and had a smoother, velvety consistency that diffused well without losing opacity or intensity. It lasted for about eight hours before starting to fade.

Step Right Up

Step Right Up had a more transparent base that was dripping with gold shimmer and fine flecks of gold glitter Because it contained plastic (PET) glitter, it was not suitable for use on the eyes. When compared to the brand’s typical pressed glitter, it seemed to have more pigment/shimmer that wasn’t just glitter. It had semi-opaque color coverage and a softer, slightly tacky texture. After eight hours of wear, there was some migration.


Vivid is a rich, darker copper with moderate, warm undertones and multi-colored sparkle flecks over a matte finish. Because the sparkles did not bind with the base, they became trapped in my brush or resulted in very light fallout (not many seemed to make it to my lid to begin with). The texture was smoother, velvetier, and more blendable, and it provided full color payoff in a single layer. This color lasted for eight hours before fading noticeably.

Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller is a bright, medium purple with warm, pink undertones and a shifting blue-to-violet pearl. It had opaque color coverage with a smoother, more emollient texture that applied unevenly at first, but I was able to blend it out to achieve an even result. It lasted for eight hours before noticeably fading.

In the Cards

In the Cards is a soft forest green with warm undertones and a frosted finish. It had a very emollient feel to it, which I felt inhibited the pigmentation (more semi-opaque but not buildable) and application because it did not go on as evenly, especially when I tried to blend out the edges. It wore well for eight hours before visibly fading.


Serendipity is a medium-dark purple-taupe with strong, cool undertones and a moderate amount of green-gold sparkle on a matte base. Due to the inclusion of sparkles in the matte base, there was a fair amount of fallout, as most did not bind/adhere. The pigmentation in the base was mostly opaque and buildable, and the texture was moderately powdery. It lasted about seven and a half hours but had constant fallout.

Walking Dream

Walking Dream is a vibrant, medium-dark pink-coral with a gold-to-orange shifting shimmer. The texture was lightly creamy, denser but not too thick, and blendable, with opaque pigmentation that adhered well to bare skin. This color lasted for about eight hours before noticeably fading.


Roundabout is a medium-dark taupe-brown with warm undertones and sparkle flecks in a matte finish. The texture was somewhat powdery, with the sparkles causing fallout because they did not bind with the base. It had opaque pigmentation that lasted for eight hours before visibly fading.


Trance is a dark gray with cool undertones and a matte finish. It had a rich pigmentation and a smooth, velvety texture that was slightly powdery in the pan but did not fall out during application. There were flecks of sparkle scattered throughout, but they weren’t overly applied, so I didn’t notice fallout because almost nothing actually translated to the lid. After eight hours of wear, this color began to fade.