ColourPop The Glory & Sun Kiss Culture Glossy Lip Stains

The Glory

ColourPop Glory Glossy Lip Stain is a brighter, medium reddish-plum with warm undertones and a lightly glossy, cream finish. It had medium, buildable pigmentation that applied evenly to my lips and didn’t seem to emphasize the texture of my natural lips. It had a lightweight, smooth consistency that was initially thin and watery but developed into a lightly tacky, slightly thicker product after 30 seconds. It lasted about six hours and became moisturizing over time.

Sun Kiss

Sun Kiss Glossy Lip Stain by ColourPop is a bright, medium-dark pink with moderate, warm undertones and a glossy, cream finish. It started out with a lighter, more watery consistency that developed some tackiness and thickness (but never became heavy or goopy) over the first minute of wear. The product provided medium, buildable color coverage that applied evenly and lasted for five hours, with the formula becoming hydrating over time.