ColourPop Sugar Snap & Ice Pop Glossy Lip Stains

Sugar Snap

ColourPop Sugar Snap Glossy Lip Stain is a light-medium, peachy brown with warmer undertones and a glossy finish. It had semi-sheer pigmentation, which was buildable to medium coverage with a second layer. The texture was thin, somewhat watery, but it was more prone to clinging to my lips, which was different than other shades. As a result, it emphasized the texture of my lips more than other shades as well. This had a subtle, reddish stain after a few hours of wear but it was very minimal and disappeared quickly, so the product lasted around four hours overall.

Ice Pop

ColourPop Ice Pop Glossy Lip Stain is a medium pink with warm undertones that turned brighter and leaned slightly pinker when applied and left to “set” slightly. The texture was lightweight, spreadable, and thin without being too watery, but it was more prone to streaking and getting into my lip lines as it set slightly (and then felt lightly tacky and a touch thicker). It had medium, buildable color coverage that lasted well for four and a half hours, while the stain lingered for an additional hour or so but didn’t make it through a meal.