ColourPop Really Ruby Eyeshadow Quad

Really Ruby

ColourPop Really Ruby Pressed Powder Shadow Quad is a new ruby-inspired color story that comes in a clear plastic compact with two shimmers and two matte shades. Due to the drier texture, the lighter, peachy shimmer was more prone to fallout and sheerer, whereas the other three shades were more consistent and performed better.

Cardinal Jewel

Cardinal Jewel is a light-medium yellowy-peach with warm undertones and flecks of pink and gold micro-sparkle on a light-medium yellowy-peach base. The eyeshadow had a drier, more loosely-pressed feel to it, which made it difficult to apply evenly and prone to fallout. Color coverage was medium to semi-opaque in this product. I had the best luck using a dampened brush to apply it. It lasted for about seven and a half hours before starting to fade a little.

Huge Deal

Huge Deal is a deep, medium red with a bright, metallic sheen and moderate, warm undertones. It had a densely pigmented, almost cream-like texture that was easy to work with with a dry brush. It lasted for eight hours before noticeably fading.

Status Symbol

Status Symbol is a matte-finish deep pink with warmer undertones. It had an opaque color coverage and a soft, velvety-smooth texture that blended easily without sheering out. It lasted for eight hours before visibly fading.

A Fortune

A Fortune is a lighter reddish-burgundy with a matte finish and cool undertones. Although the texture was a little drier and thinner than most of the brand’s matte eyeshadows, I found that it made it easier to build up the color and reduce fallout. It had a mostly opaque, buildable color payoff that lasted for eight hours before starting to fade a little.